Fighting for better jobs

Marisa is the candidate with significant experience and accomplishments at City Hall fighting to put the needs of workers front and center. When she got to City Hall as a staffer, she was an outsider – a champion for progressive policies before it was popular. All of her fights at City Hall, on behalf of workers and standing with unions, were uphill battles. Over time, she succeeded in:

  • raising the minimum wage
  • expanding Project Labor Agreements, which make sure more workers have access to good pay and benefits
  • adopting hero pay, which means our frontline workers are paid more fairly
  • a $4.5 million community grant program that supports community-based organizations working with at-risk populations across all facets in providing support via jobs, housing, and other social support.

Marisa played a key role in developing these policies and building the coalitions to make sure they were adopted, on behalf of the working people of the Valley and L.A.