Improving our environment

As a mother, the climate crisis is at the forefront of Marisa’s long term priorities and is one of the reasons she is running for office. We need to take immediate measures to preserve the environment for future generations. For Los Angeles that means:

  • We need to finish converting L.A. off of fossil fuels for energy while expanding clean energy sources including but not limited to solar and home solar. We can push and use only renewable sources ahead of the 2035 deadline.
  • We need to expedite efforts to have a sustainable water supply based on conservation and conservation infrastructure. Only reclaimed/grey/runoff water should be used for landscaping, and there are many other uses of reclaimed water.
  • We need better land use policies that promote open space accessible to all and buffer zones around pollution sources (and fewer pollution sources).

Marisa has a track record of direct involvement with expanding and improving green spaces for some of our most vulnerable communities, promoting healthier food options for Angelenos, and creating safer, cleaner streets and neighborhoods. In addition, she’s advised and advocated on a number of environmental policies, most recently the ban on single-use plastics and oil extraction. Once elected, Marisa’s experience as an outsider on the inside will allow her to hold city departments accountable for implementing our goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035, moving our City facilities to zero-waste, and creating innovative solutions for the future.