Safe Neighborhoods

Marisa believes that the City’s foremost responsibility is to keep people and neighborhoods safe. Unfortunately, many of the policies and tools used today are not working effectively in all neighborhoods, and we need changes that focus on accountability for all and crime prevention. 

Marisa agrees with Mayor Karen Bass, and does not believe defunding the police is an effective strategy. Greater accountability is. Community engagement is. And an investment in crime prevention is. As we reimagine public safety, we need to make sure that we continue approaches that are proving to be effective and accountable, while focusing on reform, justice, equality, and updating response models. 

Marisa helped launch a Community Safety Partnership as part of a pilot project to test a community-based policing approach – and so far the results are positive. Mayor Bass has publicly committed to expanding these partnerships, and Marisa will make sure CSPs are expanded in the Valley and Council District 6 specifically.  

Marisa also believes that racial profiling must be strictly prohibited, and there must be expanded training to prevent use of excessive force and improve de-escalation tactic implementation. Another important reform is to utilize mental health professionals when appropriate to respond to situations that do not require police armed response.

We also need to create an ongoing funding stream to empower our community-based organizations and to invest in a reimagined public safety effort. Marisa guided portions of the reimagine funds from 2020 which provided: 

  • $22 million in funding for the community that allowed us to invest in programs like Guaranteed Basic Income
  • a $4.5 million community grant program 
  • more Community Intervention Workers and Safe Routes to School
  • free legal support for both residents and businesses

These types of investments can go a long way in promoting safety in our communities.