Reforming City Hall

Given the current feelings toward City Hall from the public, one of Marisa’s first goals is to restore the people’s trust and faith in government. This means voting in support of much needed reforms like an independent redistricting commission and looking at expanding the number of Council seats. We need more transparency at City Hall and to do a better job of engaging all areas of the City, including having more neighborhood meetings and reopening Van Nuys City Hall in the Valley.

It is also critical that elected officials take bold actions that speak to the most pressing issues of our time including discrimination, racism, sexism, bigotry, college debt, climate change, and affordability, greater investment in education, job training, green economy, and other jobs for now and in the future. 

Finally, Marisa will fight for greater transparency and accountability at City Hall. She will work to make sure the City Ethics Commission has the resources to enforce strict anti-corruption laws and eliminate the influence of money in local politics. She believes that the people need a stronger voice at City Hall, standing up to the powerful corporate special interests – and that the people deserve a system that protects their voice.